1 Wire Plug

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1 Wire Plug

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Input 5-50V Input Voltage
Output 500 mA output source current capability
Control Direct drive of inductive loads (e.g relays) due to integrated clamp diodes
Jumper internal (5V or 24V) or external (5-50V)
Connector Available with pin-header or pluggable spring-cage connector
Size 36.6mm x 29.8mm (1.441in x 1.173in)

Jumper Configuration

Connect one jumper on the +5V Pin, which is marked red

Connect two jumper on the +24V Pins, which are marked red

For this mode you do not need any jumper. Connect the input voltage between +5V and +35V on the + and – pin

The actor must be connected on a Qx-pin and minus-pin


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