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The RasPiComm+ WebApi is an open source project available under: https://github.com/amescon/rpc-webapi that aims to expose relevant functionality of the RasPiComm+ over a simple webapi.

Using the webapi

Using the webapi is done in a few simple steps:

  1. Clone the source code from github:
    git clone https://github.com/amescon/rpc-webapi.git 
  2. Change into the directory and build the executable using make:
              cd rpc-webapi
  3. Start the webapi
  4. Use your browser to connect to the webapi

    The webapi starts of the default port 8080, so you can use the api with any brower from your raspberry by visiting: http://localhost:8080/content/index.html You can also use it from your pc by using the IP Adress of your raspberry instead.


The webapi comes with documentation that it hosts itself, simply open the webpage and try it out. You can see a screenshot of the webapi below:

Screenshot of the WebApi
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