Automatic Cash Commissioning

Our automated cash commissioning systems integrate the proven modules most suitable for your specific requirements into one functional unit. This allows for a lot of benefits:

  • Cost Effective

    The high throughput of several thousand packages per day allow savings of up to 80% compared to manual processes. Possible configurations range from 4-note-cassettes to cassettes with more than 200 notes.

  • Error Free

    The use of well proven ATM technology including automatic detection and handling of miscounts, double feeds and other measures assures proper counting. Reject vaults with note casettes and a final reject box for doubtful packages guarantee that only thoroughly checked packages leave the system.

  • Tamper Proof

    All automaticall commissioned packages are sealed in the system before they are going to through a final check. Any attempt of tampering will be recognized immediately.

  • Flexible

    All currencies and denominations fit for issuing from standard ATM machines as well as Travelers Cheques may be used. The Travelers Cheque - numbers are read and processed automatically. The system is able to commission client specific packages as well as preconfigured standard packages.

Module examples

  • Control Unit: Touchscreen-based Interface for easy control
  • Cash Dispenser: e.g. Glory NMD100, Wincor Nixdorf, etc
  • Injector to insert cover pages, brochures,..
  • Printer for shipping labels or Travelers Cheque numbers
  • Sealing Unit to seal the complete package
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