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Also available for offline Use: Download the User Manual (pdf)

  1. Choice of distribution
  2. Install a distribution that supports i2c and the spi bus.
    • Download Distribution:
    • Write it to the SD card
      You can find further instructions for setting up your SD-Card here.
    • Boot Raspberry Pi from the SD card
    • Configure your distribution on first boot
      To reconfigure your distribution later you can always use the following command:


  3. Find out your Raspberry Pi's revision
    • Raspberry Pi B+: Setup-Script will use the "revision 2" setting
    • Raspberry Pi B:
      • Revision 1 sports a black audio-output. Here is a picture from wikimedia.org.
      • Revision 2 sports a blue audio-output and a mounting hole on the top right corner. Here is a picture from raspberrypi.org.

  4. RasPiComm setup
    • Execute setup-script from your home directory (cd ~)

      wget http://downloads.amescon.com/rpc_setup.sh && chmod +x ./rpc_setup.sh && sudo ./rpc_setup.sh

    • Choose revision according to your Raspberry Pi (switch revisions with the 'c'-button)
    • Activate installation script (with the 'i'-button)
      This script will install i2c-tools and permanently set up the following devices:
      • Joystick
      • RS-485
      • RS-232
      • Output (LEDs)
      • HWClock
    • As the driver is hosted on our servers and not on the servers distributing most linux drivers, you will be asked to confirm the installation with 'y'. Do so to finish the installation.
    • For the RS-232 to work, you'll need to restart your Raspberry Pi. All other devices are ready to go without a restart.

  5. All set - and now?
  6. Congratulations, your RasPiComm is all set up and ready to go! Should you require further information or are looking for project code, check out the following links!
    • Amescon Github: Looking for code? We've got some sample projects for you! All open source, of course.
    • RasPiComm F.A.Q: The most commonly asked questions. Maybe answering yours as well?
    • RasPiComm Support Forum: The place to discuss the RasPiComm and get further help!

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