RasPiCommPlus Logo 16 Isolated I/O Module

RasPiComm+ 16 I/O


This module gives you full command of 4 blocks of 4 pins each. You decide which blocks should take the role of input, which ones should be an output. The galvanic isolation makes it the perfect module for even idustrial applications.

Even more adaptability for your RasPiComm+!

Technical Specifications

  • 16 bidirectional input/output channels (24 V)
  • Input/output mode programmable in 4-channel blocks
  • Short-circuit-proof high-side drivers with diagnosis function
  • 500 mA pulse and 150 mA permanent load driving capability
  • Active flyback circuit
  • Load diagnosis for driver current, output voltage and impedance (cable fractures, resistance and short circuits)
  • 10-bit A/D converter for the generation of diagnosis measurement values
  • Safety devices (voltage monitor, temperature sensor with warning and shutdown features, power output enable pin)
  • Programmable interrupt generation with an events storage facility
  • Variable digital filters for the debouncing of I/O signals
  • Jumper select internal/external 24 V
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