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Your RasPiComm+ can be equipped with up to 4 of a great variety of modules. Here is a quick overview.

RasPiComm+ 8 Input

8 Input Module

This module allows you to quickly connect buttons or monitor the digital output of other devices. Want to build a Smart Meter out of your Raspberry Pi? With this module you can connect your RasPiComm+ to the S0 interface of your power meter!

A classic!

RasPiComm+ 8 Output

8 Output Module

For control of LEDs, relais or small motors with your Raspberry Pi.

Lights on! Lights off. Lights on! Lights off..

RasPiComm+ 8 Analog

8 Analog Input Module

This little module allows you to connect your Raspberry Pi with analog sensors or use potentiometers for light dimmers or volume control.

Turn up the volume!

RS232 Module

While not very much appreciated in PC use anymore, the RS-232 serial port finds wide use for relay control, PLCs, VFDs, controlling CNC Equipment and Servo Drives, and lamps. Yes, lamps.

Miss your good old serial mouse? This module can help!

RasPiComm+ RS485

RS485 Module

The venerable RS-485 bus (also called EIA-485, TIA-485, ANSI-485 or any combination thereof) is used in building automation, industrial control systems (Modbus, Profibus), DMX512 (stage lighting and effects), as cabin vehicle bus in commercial aircrafts and even for model railways.

Many names. Many applications. One bus.

Raspicomm GSM/GPRS


Not sure if you locked the door? Just use your phone to check! This module allows you to remotely control your Raspberry Pi with your phone via short messages or GPRS data transmission.

Beep! Beep! Incoming message from your RasPiComm+!

RasPiComm+ GPS

GPS Module

Locate your Raspberry Pi anywhere in the world. Great for navigation purposes, tracking or geotagging fotos or movies. Can also be used for clock synchronisation due to the great accuracy of GPS time signals!

Stalking your RasPiComm+ has never been such fun!

CAN Module

The CAN-bus has been designed for vehicle automation (mirror adjustment, door locking, audio control, ABS, airbags,..) but finds wide use in aerospace and industry automation as well as for medical equipment

"I need ya buddy!" ring a bell?

RasPiComm+ 16 I/O

16 Isolated I/O Module

This module gives you full command of 4 blocks of 4 pins each. You decide which blocks should take the role of input, which ones should be an output. The galvanic isolation makes it the perfect module for even idustrial applications.

Even more adaptability for your RasPiComm+!

RaspiCommPlus 9 Axis

9 Axis Sensor Module

9 Axis, as in: 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis magnetometer. Oh, and a temperature sensor.

Drones. 'nuff said.

RaspiCommPlus 1Wire

1-Wire Module

1-Wire devices feature a built-in adress that cannot be altered and is guaranteed unique. Perfect for access control and identification systems! Also: All kinds of sensors.

Want to make your Raspberry Pi open your door with an iButton? Now you can!

KNX twisted pair Module

The KNX protocol (using twisted pair wiring, in case of this module) is used in various building automation applications. Energy management, lighting, Air Conditioning and heating control, alarm monitoring, audio and video distribution - you name it!

IoT SmartHome Buzzword Bingo!

And more to come... Want us to build a particular module? Why don't you let us know on Twitter?

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