RasPiCommPlus Logo:Using the LCD module

In this tutorial we will take a look at how to use the LCD-module with a Sharp display. The LCD-module is designed for use with the RasPiComm+, now available for preorder on Indiegogo!

Required Parts

We'll need the following parts:
Raspberry PiRS 8111284
RasPiComm+ MainboardTBA
RasPiComm+ LCD ModuleTBA
Sharp LCD LS013B7DH03 Mouser 852-LS013B7DH03

  1. Connect Display
  2. Jumper the voltage on your LCD module according to Display type (3,3V or 5V) and connect the LCD to the module. The Sharp LS013B7DH03 in this tutorial needs to be jumpered for 3,3V.

    LCD connected to module
    Slide the LCD-Module into the RasPiComm+ (I used slot #1) and mount the RasPiComm+ on the GPIO Headers of your Raspberry Pi.
    LCD module mounted

  3. Setup
  4. If you haven't already, download the Setup-Script:

    wget downloads.amescon.com/rpc+setup.sh
    and make it executable:
    chmod +x rpc+setup.sh
    Then execute the automated setup
    sudo ./rpc+setup.sh
    Starting the Setup
    The setup recognizes the connected modules (here: LCD in module slot #1). Prompt it to start firmware configuration
    Server building Formware
    If not present in the local cache, the firmware is requested from our server and transferred to your Raspberry Pi. Confirm firmware update
    Setup complete!
    Setup complete

    Let's check the LCD resolution:
    cat /proc/rpc+/module1/resolution
    Checking the resolution
    128x128 is the correct resolution for our Sharp LS013B7DH03. Should you ever want to change the resolution:
    echo 128x128 > /proc/rpc+/module1/resolution
    will change it back to 128x128.

  5. Using the LCD Display
  6. First, let's copy our bitmap-picture to the Raspberry Pi. If you are connected via network cable you can use the scp-command.

    copying the picture with scp
    I'm using the console emulator Cmder on my PC, hence the lambda-logo in front of the prompt. This command copies the file to the ~ directory on my Pi with the local IP
    To display the picture on the LCD connected to your RasPiComm+, simply cat it into the bitmap-folder of the according module slot:
    cat amescon128x128_logo_flipped.bmp > /proc/rpc+/module1/bitmap
    And voilá!
    Logo on LCD

Additional Resources

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